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Epic Technologies has been designing profitable products for established companies since its inception. We concentrate our product development services on products based on the customer’s specific requirements and ultimate use of the product itself. Our core product development activities of Part Design, Surface Modeling, FEA Analysis, Production Part Drawings and Low-Cost Procurement Sourcing all combine to help us design plastic, metal, fabric, and rubber-based products that look good, are structurally sound, and can be produced profitably.

Our concentration on the Mechanical Engineering phase of product development allows us the capability to work on Consumer, Industrial, and Medical Products in which good looks alone are not enough; they also need to function well in the hands of the customer and must be capable of being produced economically. As a result of this Mechanical Engineering experience, we can turn a vague definition of a consumer desire into the hard engineering numbers that we use to set the measurable goals for a successful product development effort.

Epic Technologies can accelerate the completion of your product development effort with our in-house stress analysis capabilities. We use the expanded capabilities of the latest Cosmos family of FEA software to be able to move beyond basic linear static analysis of individual parts and into the non-linear analysis of part assemblies. Most of our FEA work is directed towards in-house client product development projects, however if you have a basic stress analysis problem that you need to investigate quickly and at reasonable cost, we can assist you in obtaining the required solution.

We develop all our product designs as 3D solid models using the latest version of SolidWorks. These solid models provide us with a gateway to the vast array of time compression technologies now available, including numerous rapid prototyping techniques such as SLA, FDM, and CNC machining. We utilize only high quality, rapid prototyping specialty fabrication shops that are near our location. After prototyping, the geometry from the solid models is transferred to our CAD/CAM capable manufacturing sources to enable exact duplication of the product design without the chance of the mistakes in interpretation that often occur when using only 2D drawings.

There are plenty of “low cost” solid modeling CAD systems available today. However, the best-looking products on the market today are designed in industrial strength CAD systems with advanced surface modeling capabilities. Our extensive knowledge and experience in using the surface modeling capabilities of SolidWorks allows us to develop free flowing designs that exceed performance expectations, catch buyer’s attention, and stand out from the competition.

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